Topics To Choose From:

Beginning through Professional Level Dance

Professional Training in Expression for Stage Performance & Technique

Synchronized Group Improv Tribal Style Dance in the BSBD Format

DFTS Masters Format of Dance

Veil Work in DFTS Style

Sword Work in DFTS

Floor Work in DFTS Style

Finger Cymbals in DFTS Style

Rhythm & Music Theory for Dance Training

Basic Middle Eastern Drum Rhythms & Instruction

Belly Dance for Fitness

Fitness Counseling

Lifestyle Coaching

Stress Management/Goal Setting

Aerobics Training

Strength Training

Mother/Daughter Belly Dance & Yoga

Yoga for Dancers

Beginning Hatha Yoga Viniyoga Style

Restorative Yoga


Healing through Movement and Breath

The Art of Movement Focusing on Spiritual and Emotional Awareness through Dance

Meditation/Transformational Dance


Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind for Success

Injuries/Modifications/Teaching Methodology and Awareness For Instructors

Posture & Breath Reprogramming

Massage for Couples and Birthing Partners through Pregnancy

What is a Birth Doula

Meditation for Labor & Pregnancy

Belly Dancing through Pregnancy, Labor and Beyond

Prenatal Yoga On Going Classes With Stefanie

Class Descriptions:

Belly Dance, Fitness, Weight Loss, Lifestyle Coaching, Meditation & Yoga
Stefanie teaches private and group lessons from intermediate up through professional level dancers in Milwaukee at her
in-home studio.  Stefanie also holds group and private classes in Yoga and moving meditation techniques.  Classes are
geared towards the students individual goals.  Much emphasis is placed on emotional growth and healing techniques
through the Dance, and Yoga using breath and posture.  

If you are looking for an edge or just wanting to get started with a fitness/wellness/relaxation routine DFTS is offering a
special introductory package to get you started.  Individual goals will be determined with detailed structure.  Whether you
are looking to add Yoga, Dance, Aerobics, Meditation/Relaxation, Weight Loss, Muscle Toning, or Enhanced Spiritual
Practice, a personalized program, designed just for you is waiting!

Modalities can include any of the following:

Fitness/Weight Loss
Strength Training
Stress Management
Goal Setting
Injuries & Modifications
Holistically Reprogramming our Subconscious for Success
Massage Therapy & Healing Modalities
Prenatal Massage/Postnatal Massage
Yoga for Strength
Yoga for Relaxation & Flexibility
Meditation Dance & Transformational Dance
Belly Dance for Fitness
Posture & Breath Reprogramming
Physical Detox Programs for Health & Wellness
Lifestyle Coaching
Nutritional Basics

Intro with Stefanie on Middle Eastern Dance & Demonstration
Experience the beauty and power of dance!  Learn how the dance deepens our spiritual and physical connection we have
with our bodies.  Use the dance to create moving meditations as we experience the joyful expression and journey of self!

Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Belly Dance with Stefanie
Introduction to basic posture and breath.  Learn how to isolate muscles for a deeper awareness of the body.  Beginning
focus on breath and posture to improve self esteem.  Strengthening, and stretching for flexibility.  Basic movements
of head, arms, chest, and hips.  
Intermediate classes will focus on posture and conscious breathing with movement.  All
basic technique will be expanded on.  Veil, zills, stage presence awareness and music theory will be introduced.  
will cover concepts in performance space, movement in performance space, how audience views the dancer,
improvisation, and different levels of energy movement.  This class covers extensive spins and turns, full body technique,
use of props, outlining music and choreography.  

Fusion Dance For Fitness with Stefanie
These classes will focus on movement in dance to create personal workout routines.  Strength, balance and flexibility are
very important to a healthy body.  The dance helps to improve posture, release toxins from the body, strengthen and tone
large and small muscles in the body, raises self esteem levels, decreases stress levels, proper breath control is learned for
greater ease of movement, and also gives us a fun and creative outlet for fitness.

Belly Dancing through Pregnancy with Stefanie
Belly Dance has a therapeutic advantage for pregnant women in relieving pain, strengthening the internal muscles
involved in the birthing process, harmonizing the mother and child through prenatal interaction and instilling a sense of
joy and celebration throughout the prenatal and birthing process.  Dance through pregnancy enhances a sense of well
being, control and body image, increases stamina, reduces swelling and improves abdominal control and awareness.

Belly Dance: The Art of Movement with Stefanie
Focusing on Spiritual and Emotional Awareness through Dance
The dance allows us to open up to our most creative and beautiful spirit know as women.  DAY to day life challenges us
all and soon we begin to forget how powerful, strong, beautiful, intelligent, loved and sensuous we truly are.  The dance
will always bring us back to our hearts and put us into our bodies.  Learn how to connect spiritually in the dance, and
become more conscious daily.  In this class you will be introduced to continuous spinning or whirling.  Connect to spirit
on a deeper level and let go of control and the ego!  

Belly Dance - Healing through Movement and Breath
These are specialized classes to bring together a support system to help facilitate the healing process for women who
have been abused.  By creating a safe and loving environment we are able to become aware of our femininity and
sensuality as a women, learn how we are strong individuals with the power to go within ourselves to heal.  We are able to
create our own moving meditations to allow for optimal relaxation and healing.  The dance will take us on a journey  of
self-discovery through movement and breath.  Through movement we find restrictions in the body relating to the mind
and heart.  We gently begin to remove them with technique, posture, and breath.  Through this process we are able to
work through fear, anger and sadness so we can heal.

Pre-Natal Yoga Classes - Building Strength & Flexibility
Yoga helps to build strength and flexibility while maintaining a healthy emotional state as you go through the process of
pregnancy and childbirth.  Yoga is gentle and restorative and allows for movement throughout all trimesters of
pregnancy.  Yoga helps to alleviate many common complaints during pregnancy, and allows for a deeper connection to
your unborn child.

Yoga Classes - Individual Student Focus, Geared toward the Student
Classes are geared toward individual student goals.  Yoga helps build strength, flexibility, balance, emotional and mental
clarity.  Through these classes students will be guided gently through the process of understanding proper foundation and
alignment in poses and gain a clearer understanding of body awareness by using breath and proper technique.  

See also the Classes, Workshops & Local Events page for ongoing classes with Stefanie Masters & her DFTS
Certified Instructors.

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Stefanie offers many specialized classes and workshops.  

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You can also custom design a class or workshop to fit your needs,
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